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Day Use Activities

Pittock Conservation Area offers many great features, including:

  • Fishing and boating opportunities

  • Trails for walking

  • Pavilions for special events

  • Disc golf course  

  • Green space for picnics, with a playground and splash pad

Take a look at our 2024 Day Use Area / Facilities Rules and Regulations for more information.

Fishing and Boating

Fishing and Boating

The fishing is good at Pittock Reservoir, from shore or from your boat!

No gear, no problem! We partner with OFAH's TackleShare program!

Some helpful links:

*All Canadian citizens between ages 18 and 64 must possess a valid fishing licence. People not in this age group do not need a licence, but have all the rights and responsibilities of people with a licence. Residents from other provinces must have an Ontario Fishing Licence. Non Canadian residents need a non-resident licence.

Canadian Disability Exemptions.

Boating on Pittock Reservoir is one of the Conservation Area's greatest attractions.


Whether you're looking for a quiet paddle or an exhilarating ride, Pittock is the place to be!

What you need to know:

  • All boaters use the reservoir at their own risk, and should keep in mind that water levels fluctuate. ​

  • The reservoir is open from dawn until dusk during the operating season. Boating after dark is strictly prohibited.

  • Launching motorized watercraft onto the reservoir is permitted only from the north shore - within Pittock Conservation Area.

  • Boaters must obey all wake restrictions. See the reservoir map (above) or in the Pittock CA visitor guide for details.

  • Permits and associated fees apply for motorboats and sailboats.

  • We do not permit personal watercraft (ie. jet ski's, seadoos, jetboards) on the reservoirs. 

  • Canoes and Kayaks welcome (no charge to launch from day use)

  • Please note that our water is not tested by the health unit.

Safe boating regulations are in place to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all reservoir users. All boats in our reservoirs must abide by the UTRCA's regulations as well as those outlined in the Canada Shipping Act. All boat operators must have a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Boats that do not meet safety requirements or do not abide by the restrictions will be denied access to the reservoir. 


Take time to enjoy Pittock's trail system!

Remember, take only pictures and leave only footprints.

Pittock Conservation Area/South Shore:

From the west, the pitted path starts next to the Thames River at the Tecumseh Street parking lot (across the river from the Millennium Trail System). The trail goes under the CPR railway bridge and Highway 59 to the parking lot at the end of Rivercrest Drive, next to Pittock Dam. From there, the pitted path goes to the entrance of Roth Park. You can also follow the trail North over the Pittock Dam and in to the North Shore free access day-use area.


The main trail in Roth Park is paved, with secondary trails that are hard packed dirt. The side trails (white blazed markers) travel through pine/ spruce plantations and have some gentle slopes. The side trails link back to the paved main trail, which ends at the Lansdowne Avenue parkette. At the parkette there is a viewing platform, washrooms, and parking access. 


A single track, packed dirt trail continues east from this point to Oxford Road 4. This section of trail is less travelled but has great views of the east end of the lake. ATTENTION: You will have to double back at this point. 

Pittock Conservation Area North Shore:

The trail can be accessed in the Day Use Area. This area provides parking, washrooms, picnic areas, disc golf and a splash pad. At this point, you have the option to travel west where the trail crosses the Pittock Dam. Special events are sometimes held in this area; please be courteous to these user groups. 

W.L. Dickson Arboretum:

Dedicated to the memory of W.L. Dickson, this 6 hectare jewel is a product of a group called "The Men of the Trees." Here you will find approximately 140 labeled native trees and shrubs. This area is a five minute drive from the front gates of Pittock Conservation Area. Site address: 715532 Oxford Road 4, East Zorra Tavistock.

Rules to remember within the Conservation Area:

  • Trails are open from dawn to dusk (night riding/hiking is prohibited)

  • Please use official access points only

  • Stay on the managed trails (marked with white blazes) and respect trail closures

  • Bicycles are permitted, please be courteous and give way to hikers

  • Bikers must wear and use appropriate safety equipment - helmets are mandatory and bike bells are recommended 

  • Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking other trail users

  • Do not disturb wildlife or pick or transplant flowers or plants

  • Keep trails litter free

  • Do not climb fences

  • All pets must be on a leash (2 m/6 ft max.)

  • Fishing is permitted with a provincial fishing licence. Hunting is not permitted.

  • Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.


Disc Golf

Want to try a sport that's fun, accessible, and low cost? Disc golf is the sport for you!

We proudly offer an 18 basket disc golf course and welcome you to give it a try.
Whether you play 2 baskets or all 18, we are sure you will love this game!

Disc Golf
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