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2024 Pittock Special Events
We're excited about the programming we have planned for this summer!


Program notes: Children must be accompanied by an adult. Program is first come, first served (no registration required). Capacity is 40 people except when noted otherwise. Programs run rain or shine but will be cancelled if severe weather is expected. Please dress for the weather and trail conditions. Be prepared for biting bugs. No pets please. 

Firefly Walk

Friday, July 5

7 pm, meeting location TBA

Ever wondered what makes a firefly glow? What are they, how do they do it? Join us for this evening walk and talk to discover what these bioluminescent beetles have to offer!

Sciensational Sssnakes

Saturday, July 27

1 pm, Rec Centre

This ssspectacular presentation about reptiles and amphibians will feature an informal talk about the animals, their ecology and conservation issues, as well as an opportunity for participants to interact with, touch and hold the animals!

No capacity restrictions.

Check out our Facebook event: Sciensational Snakes

Owl Prowl

Thursday, August 8

7 pm, location TBA

Join us as we share what we know about these amazing raptors! We will begin our night by exploring what and how owls hunt and eat, do a little dissection of an owl pellet and end our evening walking in the forest to hear and (hopefully) see some owl friends!

Speaking of Wildlife

Saturday, August 24

1 pm, Rec Centre

Come for a close encounter with some of Ontario's magnificent wild creatures. Learn about adaptations, social structure, habitats and threats. The animal line-up varies from day to day but may include a porcupine, fox, skunk, oppossum, hawk, owl, turtle or snake. No capacity restrictions. Check out our Facebook event: Speaking of Wildlife

Stream Safari

Thursday, July 18

1 pm, meeting at the fish habitat

Come explore all the wonderful creatures in our water from the very small things that crawl to the large and in charge. Using dip nets, identification sheets and water containers, we will examine all the benthic creatures that call our stream home! 

*Please come prepared to walk in shallow water, only about 15 cm deep. We will provide supplies. 

Bug Safari

Thursday, August 1

1 pm, location TBA

Join us on an epic quest of tiny proportions as we discover the wonders of an amazing world hiding in plain sight!

Scales Nature Park

Saturday, August 10

1 pm, Rec Centre

Check out some amazing reptiles and amphibians through an interactive presentation including a visit with some animal friends! No capacity restrictions. Check out our Facebook event: Scales Nature Park

Wild Ontario

Saturday, July 20 

1 pm, Rec Centre

Visit with some of Ontario's native birds! Each bird has a unique story to share about why they are no longer able to live in the wild and how they came to be ambassadors for public education and awareness. No capacity restrictions. Check out our Facebook event: Wild Ontario

Canadian Raptor Conservatory

Saturday, August 3, Rec Centre


Canadian Raptor Conservancy visits Pittock with their feathered friends and will even provide some live flight demos! Learn about the natural history, prey species, range and relationship to humans of some of the most fantastic creatures on our planet! *No pets permitted for the health and safety of the animals. No capacity restrictions.

Check out our Facebook event: Canadian Raptor Conservancy

Guided Plant Walk

Thursday, August 15

1 pm, location TBA

Please join us as we walk through the Pittock forests and look more closely at the plants that grow in this ecosystem. Using identification guides and hands on experience, you will have the opportunity to learn about some of the uses, benefits and downsides to the plants in our forests. 

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